REWILD Presentation Series

Nepalese Endemic Bat – Research aspects and conservation need (4 June 2020):

Nature Conservation in Arboriculture (18 June 2020):

Owl & Bat Conservation in Southern Africa (2 July 2020):

Research and Conservation of Clouded Leopard in Nepal (9 July 2020):

Hunting and trade of owls in Nepal (16 July 2020):

A study on population status, nesting behaviour and conservation perception of Critically Endangered vulture species found in Rampur Valley of Nepal (30 July 2020):

Dietary Assessment and niche overlap of anurans in western Nepal (6 August 2020):

Dragonfly Diversity Informatics (13 August 2020):

Wolf conservation and Eco-Health Management in Majella National Park, Italy (1 September 2020):

Green School in Cameroon (3 September 2020):

Durankulak Bird Ringing Camp, Bulgaria – Results from 2019 and live from the 2020 camp (15 September 2020):

Forest Ecosystem Management in the Carpathians (17 September 2020):

2nd REWILD Institute Conference: e.g. Bat fauna in sacral architecture in the Transcarpathian region (Ukraine) (16 October 2020):

Q&A session regarding Pirin National Park – endangered by ski resorts:

The impact of large carnivores on biodiversity and conservation medicine:

Wolf Conservation and Eco-Health Management in Majella National Park, Italy:

Forestry and Wilderness – can they coexist?:

Bioacoustics in nature conservation: