REWILD family

President, Founder, Ecologist, Naturopath, Iridologist
is ecologist from Austria and president and founder of REWILD Institute. Her vision is a strong international network of researchers and conservationists as well as healthy ecosystems, healthy environment, healthy wildlife and a healthy, kind and sustainable society.
REWILD Institute - Emo Yordanov
Ornithologist, Ecologist
is ornithologist and ecologist and studies the Egyptian Vulture and wildlife conservation in Bulgaria.
REWILD Institute - Vlado Nemcek
Environmental Scientist
develops conservation projects on birds and bats, is a project coordinator, a field researcher, GIS expert and vision maker from Slovakia, and is a founding member of REWILD and Saola – ochrana prírody. His vision is a nature/people symbiosis and ecosystems rich of biodiversity.
REWILD Institute - Yehor Yatsiuk
Ornithologist, Primeval Tree Climber
is ornithologist and primeval tree climber from the Eastern Ukraine, living in Estonia at the moment. Yehor has been conducting deadwood monitoring and tree cavity monitoring studies in the Homilsha Forest National Park, Kharkiv region, the Bialowieza Primeval Forest in Poland and the Rothwald Primeval Forest in Austria.
REWILD Institute - Jacqui Gray
is a homeopath, conservationist and educator. She founded Glen Afric Learning Centre, where conservation underpinned the ethos of the school. She believes that children will determine the future of our planet and that it is our responsibility to teach them the value of a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle, so that we can live in harmony with the cycles of nature. Jacqui is actively involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation as well as community based conservation projects. She believes that citizen science has a significant role to play in creating real change in the perceptions and lifestyle choices of communities around the world.
REWILD Institute - Raju Acharya
Ecologist, Conservationist
is founder of Friends of Nature (FON Nepal) and ‘Nepal Owl Festival’. He is Country Representative of ‘World Owl Trust’. Over two decades he has achieved significant successes in wildlife conservation winning national as well as international awards.
REWILD Institute - Iryna Yatsiuk
is mycologist working on myxomycetes from Eastern Ukraine, living in Estonia.
REWILD Institute - Stefan Knoepfer
Ornithologist, Ornithoclimber, Conservationist
is ornithologist, ornithoclimber, national park ranger and educated animal keeper from Austria and working with his nature conservation dog Chilly. His vision is a world where our children’s children enjoy a green environment with a high biodiversity.
REWILD Institute - Andriy-Taras Bashta
Ornithologist, Chiropterologist
is ornithologist and chiropterologist from the Ukraine. As ecologist and wildlife conservationist he works on owl and bat conservation in the Western Ukraine.
REWILD Institute - Otto Feldner
Entomologist, Lepidopterologist, Conservationist
is an entomologist, lepidopterologist and conservationist from Austria. His life long conservation efforts show success for biodiversity in Austria as well as internationally.
REWILD Institute - Stanislav Viter
Ornithologist, Wildlife Ecologist
is ornithologist and wildlife ecologist from the Eastern Ukraine. He is head scientist in the Homilsha Forest National Park.
REWILD Institute - Vladi Dobrev
Ornithologist, Ecologist, Conservationist
is ornithologist and ecologist and is working on Egyptian Vultures and on wildlife conservation in Bulgaria.
REWILD Institute - Ben Hoffman
Ornithologist, Raptor Conservationist
is founder of Raptor Rescue in South Africa. He is working on raptor conservation, rehabilitation and reintroduction. He is conducting several telemetry studies for wildlife conservation and working on education against mass poisonings of vultures in Southern Africa. His vision is a rich biodiversity in healthy habitats with a respectful society.
REWILD Institute - Bina Phuyal
Conservation Biology
from Nepal is planning to study masters in conservation biology and is contributing to the development of the REWILD student group. She is currently working as English teacher and yoga instructor in Kathmandu.
REWILD Institute - Andrey Ralev
Ornithologist, Ecologist, Conservationist
is ornithologist and conservationist from Bulgaria. He is founder of Perangua, the global network for local activists, and works for the Balkani Wildlife Society. He works on the conservation of wildlife, habitats, old-growth forests and primeval forests in several countries.
REWILD Institute - Veronika Holienkova
Ecologist, Conservationist
is nature and species conservationist from Slovakia and has been working on bird, bat and habitat conservation in Slovakia.
REWILD Institute - Sangeeth Sailas
Ornithologist, Ecologist
is owl researcher and wildlife conservationist from India.
REWILD Institute - Sanjeev Baniya
is bat researcher at Nepal Bat Research and Conservation Union (NeBRCU), has been studying at the Institute of Forestry at the University of Pokhara in Nepal, and has profound interest in studying bat-habitat interactions, movement ecology and ethno-bat relations.
REWILD Institute - Pankaj Koparde
Ornithologist, Entomologist, Evolution Ecologist
is Professor and evolutionary ecologist from India, interested in science-driven conservation research and outreach, and understanding ecological and evolutionary processes that shape life. He has been working on owls and dragonflies. He is TEDx speaker, IUCN contributor, SAEVUS Magazine’s ‘Rising Star of Conservation in India’ recipient, and co-founder of DragonflySouthAsia and OwlIndia. His vison is an on-ground impact regarding biodiversity research and conservation, and sustainability through collaboration.
REWILD Institute - Steve Sheffield
Ecologist, Ecotoxicologist
is professor at the Bowie State University in Maryland in the US. As a toxicologist, Steve works on spatial statistics, environmental health, spatial epidemiology, conservation biology, ecotoxicology and vertebrate zoology. He has worked on the global distribution model for all owl species. Steve’s vision is a healthy environment with rich biodiversity.
REWILD Institute - Fran Maier
is biologist from Austria and has been working for biodiversity and climate awareness as well as on wilderness. Her vision is a peaceful sustainable society living hand in hand with a healthy environment.
REWILD Institute - Sara Ruth Orchardson
is biologist from South Africa and works for operating in Southern Africa.
REWILD Institute - Jonathan Haw
Owl & Raptor Ecologist, Chiropterologist
is owl and raptor ecologist and chiropterologist from Zimbabwe living in South Africa. He is founder of and operating in Southern Africa.
REWILD Institute - Christoph Kainz
Wildlife Biologist
is wildlife biologist from Austria. He works on wildlife ecology, small mammal population ecology, game influence monitoring, reproduction of forests, beaver monitoring and education for children.
REWILD Institute
Enthomologist, Botanist, Conservationist
is enthomologist, botanist and conservationist from Pune, working on his PhD at the University of Helsinki, Finland, about his studies in India and Madagaskar.
REWILD Institute - Peter Lipovsky
Ecologist, Conservationist
is conservationist in Slovakia at BROZ – Bratislavské regionálne ochranárske združenie. His dedicated work for habitat conservation shows significant successes. Peter created the name REWILD and a majority of REWILD’s logo and is a vision maker. His vision is to work together with a dedicated network for nature conservation and biodiversity.
REWILD Institute
Ethology, Conservation
from Nepal is interested in animal behavior and applied technologies in nature conservation. He studies at the Institute of Forestry at the Tribhuvan University in Pokhara and is contributing to the development of the REWILD student group.
REWILD Institute - Ravi Bikram Shah
Herpetology, Ornithology
from Nepal is interested in herpetology and ornithology. He studies at the Institute of Forestry at the University of Pokhara and is contributing to the development of the REWILD student group.
REWILD Institute - Delina Chipape
is biologist from South Africa and works for operating in Southern Africa.
REWILD Institute - Ashish Poudel
Conservation Biology, Plant Ecology
from Nepal is interested in conservation biology and plant ecology, is student at the Institute of Forestry at the University of Pokhara and is part of the REWILD student group.