REWILD Projects

The projects are partly ongoing, partly concepts and partly ideas, partly in collaboration with project partners, and can be implemented or extended with funding. Your friendly support is very welcome and appreciated, and enables research, education and conservation regionally, nationally and internationally.

CARE – Conservation Awareness Research & Education

  • International Green Schools (Nepal, Cameroon etc.) (ongoing & to be extended, after pilot study)
  • Conservation Awareness Camps in Schools & International Owl Festivals/Conferences (Nepal, Austria etc.) (ongoing & concepts)
  • Owl Education & Conservation in Nepal, Austria, Slovakia, Bulgaria, South Africa etc. (ongoing & concepts)
  • Wildlife Research Techniques Training for students (Nepal etc.) (ongoing & concepts)
  • Permanent Owl Museum & Traveling Owl Exhibition (Nepal, Austria etc.) (concept)

WILDLIFE – Wildlife Conservation

  • Conservation of Apollo Parnassius apollo sites and metapopulations (ongoing)
  • Breeding site conservation – habitat trees & wooden boxes for owls, songbirgs, bats & insects (ongoing)
  • Conservation & Education in Upper Humla (Nepal) (in preparation, after pilot study)
  • Old castles as important bat shelters in the Podillya area (Western Ukraine) (in preparation)
  • Raptors in Central Asia with focus e.g. on the Egyptian Vulture (Usbekistan etc.) (concept)
  • Vulture Conservation & Education in Southern Africa (ongoing & concept)
  • Captive Breeding and Population Reinforcement of Southern African Bearded Vultures and White-headed Vultures (ongoing & concept)
  • Prioritising caves according to “Bat cave vulnerability index” in Western Nepal (in preparation & ongoing)
  • Global Owl Diversity informatics project using eBird data (concept)

FORDIVERSITY – Natural Forests for Biodiversity & Climate

  • Research on Deadwood & Tree cavities (ongoing & to be extended)
  • Habitat Quality of primeval vs managed forests measured by bioacoustics quality of displaying owl males (ongoing & to be extended)
  • Protecting ancient forests in Bulgaria – UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Ancient Beech Forests & Pirin National Park (ongoing & concept)
  • Raptor Fauna in mountaineous wilderness areas (concept)
  • Avalanche trails as ecological corridors & intrazonal landscapes in the mountains (concept)
  • Monitoring of macrofungi & a selection of microfungi (ongoing & concept)
  • From species inventories to the study of biotic interactions, ecological networks and ecosystem function – fungi as an example (concept)
  • Mycetozoan soil communities in primeval vs managed forest (concept)
  • Species diversity and niche realization in mycetophagous flat bugs (concept)
  • Unique treasures – The endemic fauna of Natural Forests (concept)
  • Carbon Sequestration & Water Retention in Forest Soil (concept)
  • Creation of Bridge Habitats through Tree Veteranization (concept)

DIVERCITY – Nature in Cities for Biodiversity & Climate

  • City Forests & Natural forest management for Biodiversity & Climate (ongoing & concept)
  • Trees & Water bodies for City Climate (idea)
  • Natural Building Material (ongoing & concept)
  • Species Conservation on Buildings – e.g. Swifts & Bats (ongoing & concept)

KIND – Kindness for Nature & Diversity

  • Green Nursing Homes, Kindergartens, Schools, Children Homes, Homeless Homes, Hospitals, Animal Rehab Centers & Combinations (concept)
  • Kind (to) People – Kind (to) Nature (ongoing & concept)
  • Self-experiment: No Spend Year (ongoing & concept)
  • Conservation Awareness Camps, Handcraft markets & Flea markets for good causes (concept)

POISONFREE – Organic Methods for Biodiversity & Climate

  • Owls and Bats as rodent & insect control (ongoing & concept)
  • Sustainable Production Processes (idea)
  • Biodiversity Crisis – Insect & Bird Decline – Toxicant-free Alternatives for Agriculture etc. (idea)
  • Heavy Metals in Bones from Owl Pellets (concept)
  • Live Lightly – without Heavy Metals (in preparation & ongoing)
  • How People Are Interacting with the Environment Globally (idea)
  • Alternatives for traditional New Year’s Fireworks (idea)

WATERDIV – Water for Biodiversity & Climate

  • On the Occurrence of Amphibian chytrid fungi (concept)
  • Improving Water quality of Water bodies by Submerged Plants etc. (idea)