Coppersmith Barbet (photo: Swanand Oak)

Coppersmith Barbet

The Coppersmith Barbet is a species of the barbet family and is found on the Indian sub-continent and some parts of South-east Asia. As a colourful bird with a metronomic sound, these birds are found foraging over small berries, fruits and insects. These birds roam solo or in small groups. Coppersmith Barbets are one of the few species in which both sexes of one family carry out incubation.
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John Muir ca. 1902

John Muir

John Muir (*1838 Schottland, ⴕ 1914 California) was naturalist, botanist, geologist, conservationist, explorer, inventor, author and founder of nature philosophy and nature conservation. In early years, he invented for example an early-riding machine, a thermometer, a hygrometer and a barometer. In 1892, he founded the Sierra Club, still one of the biggest nature conservation associations […]
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Rhinolophus affinis (photo: Sanjeev Baniya)

Bats and Covid-19

Bats do not spread and have very wrongly been blamed for COVID-19 pandemic. There aren’t any conclusive evidence to verify the origination of SARS-CoV-2.
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