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1st REWILD Workshop with 12 countries

The 1st ever REWILD Workshop took place on Friday 8th May 2020. 40 conservationists and researchers from 12 countries from two continents participated (Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, India, Iran, Nepal, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, UK, Ukraine). Topics from 6 countries were presented in 9 presentations (Austria, Bulgaria, India, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine) and wilderness efforts for many more countries were discussed. Your kind support for all our conservation activities is very appreciated.

In the Introduction Session, the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area in Austria presented the research guidelines of the area for researchers interested in wilderness research.
In Workshop 1, research projects on natural forests and vertebrates were presented, like owls in India, bats in Ukraine, birds in Bulgaria, and vertebrates in tree cavities in Ukraine, Poland and Austria.
In Workshop 2, wilderness research projects were presented, like open data approach for assessing rare species like fungi (myxomycetes) in Ukraine, carbon cycles in Austria, habitat quality measured by owl bioacoustics in Slovakia and Austria, and dragonflies and damselflies in India.
In the Discussion Session, wilderness efforts were discussed and the idea of the International Wilderness Week in October 2020 was presented by the Wilderness Society and will be organized by the Wilderness Society and REWILD Institute.

Many thanks to everyone contributing like organizers, session chairs, presenters and participants, for contributing to a diverse workshop programme. We are looking forward to our next events like webinars, presentations, conferences, courses and festivals!


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