1st REWILD Workshop 2020 (Foto: Ingrid Barbara Kohl)

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1st REWILD Workshop 2020

Dear Researchers, Educators and Conservationists!

On 8th of May 2020, you are welcome to participate in the 1st REWILD Workshop 2020. It will be held online. The date for a REWILD Research Workshop at a later time this year will be announced.

Next to the workshop, you can also register for the 2nd REWILD Conference 2020 in Vienna (15th/16th/(17th) October 2020) and the 3rd REWILD Conference 2021 (provisional dates 14th/15th/(16th) October 2021), there might be possibilities for presentations in person as well as online resp. through video message.

Focus of Workshops and Conferences will be project concepts for the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area as well as solutions for biodiversity and climate – from regional to global solutions.

If you and/or your reseach group are interested in Workshop(s) and/or Conference(s), you can register via office@rewild.institute with your name, research group, institute, country, interests and motivation, ev. Session topic and the topic of your presentation.

Whether you are participating at the workshop this time or not, you are very welcome to SUPPORT our projects. Your friendly support is very appreciated!

Together for Biodiversity, Climate, healthy Ecosystems, healthy Wildlife & a healthy Society!

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Photos: Ingrid Barbara Kohl, Yehor Yatsiuk


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