Hello to everyone who loves nature and who loves spending time outside. As we know, in the 21st century, nature faces many problems that need solutions, so we decided to prepare a challenge for you. 

We came up with a video contest for non-professionals, amateurs and every one of you who’s fond of nature and admires its creatures. Our contest is called “NATURE’S CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS TROUGH YOUR EYES”. It’s very simple – you just grab the best camera you have, it can even be a mobile phone, it doesn’t matter. Then go outside and present one of nature’s challenges in a creative way. 

The video shouldn’t be longer than 3 minutes. In the first 2 minutes you show or introduce the problem – you can even make an animation if you want, it just has to be produced by yourself and to be creative, feel free to improvise. The last minute of the video shows what you think the solution of this problem is. 

Make your incredible video, upload it to your YouTube channel and send us the link to our email address rewildvideocontest@gmail.com , write your name, age, your country and valid email address for contact.
We will select and share the best videos in our playlist “REWILD short movie festival”, and they
will be broadcasted in mid October 2020 during the 2nd REWILD Conference together with a Conservation Awareness Festival, and during the 1st International Wilderness Week. Three of all videos that will get the most likes on our YouTube channel until 30th of October will win first, second and third place respectively. Аnd don’t forget to be creative!

You have time to send the link to your video until: 15th of September 2020!

We are very much looking forward to see your fantastic videos!

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